Swung July

10.07.2011 at 15:26

What an awesome night at Swung last night!

The Horatia was fully packed out, amazing buzz in the place, people really out for a good time, enjoying the music, dancefloor full all night.

The Correspondents hit the stage around 1 with Mr Bruce tearing things away on the stage. Crowd went mental for this. Also there were some swingtastic sets from Jon Bongly, The Quietmen and Future Swing Stories with the party truly going off.

I did the graveyard shift, taking things home to 4am. Great to see the dancefloor swingers still smashing it that late. Tried out a few new tunes which didn’t clear the dancefloor which was nice.

I’m down there again next month… caaannnoott wait!!!