The sound of 1920 in 2020

There is something very different about Electro Swing, Vintage Remix, Swing and Bass and emerging infectious dance music brought about by these styles. They break dance music free of the rigid structures mandated by the traditional dance music genres.

This new music can be in any tempo or style. It draws from and complements other genres like house, drum and bass or dubstep. There are samples of old records, but modern recordings too. Shuddering basslines alongside traditional bass players. Brass bands live with synthesisers.

However these records still sound like they have something in common, and that is a unmistakable pulsating, dance and fun focused vibe. Instantly recognisable, wonderfully unique, this style of music is here to stay.

Phil Mac set up Spare Room Records to release such music, music with a common vibe that brings together old and new, the sound of 1920 in 2020.

Update 2020!

We haven’t released under Spare Room Records for a few years now but the movement is still alive. Check out Phil Mac on soundcloud: Phil also creates virtual instruments for producers as the founder of Iceberg Audio: